Sony News Releases: Gran Turismo Included Damage and not Only Mechanical Damage Only

Sony News Today exclusively for Sonystyle Only: Gran Turismo 5 will be the first game in the Gran Turismo franchise to include both mechanical and external damage modeling, including a realtime deformation engine that will process model deformation conforming to the speed and angle of impact. With racing class cars expected to feature advanced deformation, Yamauchi initially commented that all vehicles will receive damage. It was revealed at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show that it will also be possible to overturn cars for the first time in the series. On top of that, Damage is a feature that Yamauchi has said can be turned on or off. Was limited to mechanical damage only, gran Turismo 2 previously included damage. Basically, the final implementation of the damage system is currently unknown.


With 16 player capability, For the first time in the main series, an online mode could be available in the game. Both mechanical and external damage was confirmed, with interior damage for 170 special cars. Even if the extent of the implementation is currently unknown, Weather effects are also confirmed to be included. With nearly any course having the option for night racing, Night racing will make a reappearance for GT5. Of course whenever Nürburgring Nordschleife, Tsukuba Circuit, Special Stage Route 5, and two new Rome and Madrid city circuits, Other tracks shown to be in the final game are Daytona International Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With variations bringing the overall number of unique circuits to Yamauchi has explained that he aims to achieve the 1000 car milestone but actual details on the overall number of cars in the game is still unclear, Gran Turismo 5 is set to feature around 1000 cars and anyway now that the competition stages of GT Academy 2010 are complete. It features stock and tuned versions of the Nissan 370Z. This demo was praised for its graphics and updated physics, however it was criticised for its stiff camera, and confusion over what parts of the final game the demo represents. There is more information about this stuff on this website. It was announced that users could be able to output HD replays onto YouTube.

The track featured in the demo is the Indianapolis GP circuit and is new to the Gran Turismo series. The GT5 Time Trial Demo was released on December 17, 2009 on the PlayStation Network, and is only playable while online. Sony said the currently undisclosed North American and European release dates were unaffected by the Japanese delay. With the Japanese release date returning to be announced, At the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 my be released in Japan in March Sony later announced that GT5 had been delayed.

At their 2010 GDC press conference, Sony confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 would’ve been released before 2011. While allowing someone to view or race against their real life driving, when loaded into the game, officially announced in conjunction with Toyota in January 2010 is a GPS based device which will create a ‘ghost’ lap of a run through a race circuit in real lifespan if equipped for data recording. Just think for a moment. Naturally, therefore this would only be available for tracks which exist in real lifetime, mostly there’s no information on which or what amount circuits in total will support the feature. It’s a well This feature would allow the player to move their head naturally while sitting down, upright, and have the view around the 3D cockpit change accordingly.

The game was reported by media in September 2009 to feature head tracking using the PlayStation Eye, though no official confirmation came in the following months. Yamauchi said in an interview with Edge Magazine that Gran Turismo 5 could’ve some compatibility with the PlayStation Portable version. Cars from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will also be transferrable to GT5. You can export your garage you can actually export the cars for the PSP version into Gran Turismo 5 because, He said. That we’re intending to make it. While following on from their introduction in Gran Turismo PSP, and it is confirmed the new gullwing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG will appear, with Ferrari’s recently unveiled 458 Italia, Lamborghini and Bugatti will make their first appearance in the game. So this includes the latest Tesla Motors vehicle, In an article briefly posted on Polyphony Digital’s website, the introduction of electric cars was confirmed.

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